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How It Works

The Process of  Having Your Placenta Encapsulated is very easy!

You can choose from Raw or TCM method of preparing your placenta. To get the most medicinal benefit from your amazing placenta, you can also choose the placenta tincture. The tincture provides all the same benefits and has a life long shelf life. Only a very small amount of the placenta is used for the tincture. Find out more…


Raw Placenta Encapsulation

4RAW Placenta Encapsulation skips the heating process altogether. This method of preparation involves cleaning the placenta and then dehydrating the placenta before it is ground and put into capsules.  I recommend this type of encapsulation as it involves less processing and you get a higher yield of capsules.

TCM Placenta Encapsulation

TCM Placenta Encapsulation is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This method of preparation involves cleaning the placenta, gently steaming it and dehydrating before it is ground, adding dried ginger and Szechuan pepper and put into capsules.  This method has come from old references of placenta preparation in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus of increasing it’s warming properties.


Placenta Tincture

1Using part of your placenta to make a Placenta Tincture enables you to reap the benefits of your placenta many years into the future. Some of the benefits for the mother include hormone stabilization and energy in her postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, and constitutional support in the menopause years down the road. The placenta is a rich source of stem cells and contains both the mother and child’s strengths and weaknesses. Treating the individual with this highly personalised remedy will provide balance when there is an imbalance. It will be an excellent immune and constitutional remedy throughout the child’s entire life.


Cost and timeframes

Costs include pick up and delivery in the Melbourne Metro area. If you are outside of that, additional costs may apply.

Your placenta will be picked up within 24 hours of birth . Most placentas yield between 120 –180 capsules, a 2-3 month supply. The capsules will be delivered within 3 days of receipt of the placenta.

Encapsulation ……………………………………………….$350
Both Encapsulation and Tincture………………….$475


What you Receive

With any combination of services you choose, you will also receive:

Placenta Letter and Photo5
I give my clients a letter with a photo and description of their amazing placenta!

Placenta Print
A print of your placenta – like any other printmaking – this is creating a print directly from your placenta on art quality paper for you to keep or frame.Please Note: This is not available for Lotus placentas.

Placenta cord keepsake
This is shaping and drying the cord for you to keep or plant.

Placenta Sac
A part of the placenta sac for you to keep or plant. Read about why I send this to you here.

Easy to follow directions for you to refer to, along with any support you need via phone or email contact should you wish to ask any questions.


How It Works

It is really easy to arrange for your placenta to be encapsulated, simply follow these 4 easy steps…

Step 1 – Book in
Click on the book now link and complete the booking process so I have all of your details and your due date. You can pay in full at the time of booking or make a deposit. Full payment is due before delivery of your package.

Step 2 – Let your caregivers know you want to take your placenta home

All hospitals are supportive of you keeping your placenta. Simply let them know you want to take it home and most will provide a container for you (although best to check, if not simply take along a 2 litre container – see more details on this).

Step 3 – Text me

When you have your baby get in text me with your location and I will collect your placenta from you within 24 hours.

Step 4 – Receive your package

I will deliver it to you in the next two days, (usually within 72 hours of pick up). Pickup and delivery are included in the cost of your encapsulation unless there are special circumstances.



Click here for some tips for taking your placenta home.

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