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The Placenta’s Circular Nature of Support

I was at the hospital yesterday picking up a placenta from a lovely young couple who were in that incredible moment of fresh delight and awe after the arrival of their baby boy. It was a quick birth and the mother was wide-eyed in amazement. .05% ivermectin for heartworm prevention I could see and… Read more »

10 Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation that mums love the best

One of the things I love about placenta encapsulation is that every one of my clients reports wonderful benefits. It is not a hit or miss option. I love feeling so confident that I am providing a service that I can be sure will make a difference every time. Here are the top ten benefits… Read more »

The Spiritual and Aboriginal Significance of the Placenta

Anna Papadakis When I first started working with placentas, as I opened up each container to take the placenta out, I would have to take a deep in breath as I was awed by the power of it. Every time I thought “wow placentas are so powerful!” It impacted me deeply and I felt a… Read more »

Tips for taking home

Here are some tips about taking your placenta home from the hospital… 1. Hospitals are very supportive of you taking your placenta home, you just need to let them know that is what you want to do. 2. It is a good idea to put it in writing – make a note of it in… Read more »